Sourav dey


Miralab is a 3D PC based game with XBOX controller about exploring a diverse range of ecosystems as an immortal jellyfish. The goal is to survive and help this beautiful, mysterious, and haunting underwater world thrive as you cycle through the shifting perspective of 3 life stages.

Glide through ocean currents as an  adult or roll along the floor as a blob. Embed and uncover memories as you journey through non-linear area across life-times. Experience the feeling of engaging with other-worldly ecosystems as a tiny but powerful immortal jellyfish.

Its a group project of about 35 people including engineers, artists and producers. Presently, it is in the development phase and the progress is of just 5 months.

My work in this project is as a Technical artist, working on custom shaders like ghost shader, emissive shader, electric shader and couple of custom camera effects like my version of bloom shader, reversion blur shader and also on custom particle effects.

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